Day 3: recap

Sorry for the flood of posts but some didn’t upload yesterday or today.
Chris Rabbit Jr and I certainly enjoyed Nicola’s company today. Again we didn’t wuite mamage the full route but dud a good 25 miles – Em informs me that she and her mum made up the difference on the treadmill.
South downs tomorrow-beautiful scenery but a bit of a hilly challenge.  Hip flexor still not playing ball, so I’m still having to lift my right leg over stiles with my hands.. shouldn’t be too many of them tomorrow hopefully.
Still over halfway now, more company tomorrow too.
Good night for now, as you can imagine Chris Rabbit Jr and I are quite tired!


Day 3

Thank you for all of the texts, fb comments and comments on the blog.
I must admit this is much harder than I expected. It’s pretty annoying when 4 miles of your route is overgrown,  forcing you to walk on the road. I also have a lovely heat rash and I’ve really hurt one if my hip flexors which is ok until I come to a stile!
Nicola is walking with me today and I’m looking forward to the company.

Day 1: recap

Well, I hate stinging nettles. Managed to avoid them but not easily.

But Day one is done.  I only got lost twice (the paths aren’t that well marked and can be hard to follow even with my trusty compass and Chris Rabbit Jr’s sense of direction).

Also the lovely lady who filled my water at lunch unfortunately managed to loosen the tube attachment for rhe mouthpiece so I had to stop and wring out my clothes for tomorrow as well.

So not the most auspicious of starts.
Still we made it!

1 day to go

Well, it’s the eve of the big walk.  For those of you who wish to track me, I’m going to install Find My Friends app. Apparently it works with non smart phones, so if you have the app and want to track me, then send me a text. Once I’ve got a sim card for my spare phone tomorrow, I’ll reply with the phone number and you can then send a request via text to track my spare phone! But getting back to tomorrow…

Am I nervous? Yes

Am I questioning my ability to get through this? Yes

Am I wondering how I can get out of it? No

There’s no way I could consider backing out now, after the fantastic support I’ve had from everyone. And I don’t just mean donations, I also mean the people who’ve been out walking with me (and even organising training walks for me), those who’ve lent me equipment to save me some money, the people who’ve given me advice, or contacted relatives and friends on my behalf. Those mad individuals who are walking with me.

I will also have the company of Chris Rabbit Jnr – who I’m sure will add his PoV on this blog as we’re travelling.

So in short there’s no way I’m going to let everyone (and myself) after all the hard work that’s gone into this.

Remember you can still sponsor me at:

4 days – Big high, some pain

Today I endured an hours sports massage,  mainly on my calves, in preparation for Monday.  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t painful but I have a good reason for making sure I’m in the best shape possible. Actually its £2500 reasons.

Yes, with gift aid and some money I’ve collected offline (but not updated on my sponsorship page yet) I’ve hit the £2500 mark.

Which is a good reason keep smiling through the pain.

Thank you so much everyone.  But, I’m not stopping here! Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to the Radio 2 studio to record an interview with BBC Radio Solent to be broadcast in the afternoon.  I’ll let you know how it goes and try and post a link to the relevant show on iPlayer

Confusion (5 days to go)

Unfortunately when people sponsor me on the btmydonate website, I only get the same information as everyone else can see, there’s no added extras for being the page owner.

So there’s some guesswork involved in trying to thank everyone – and having drawn people’s attention to this after asking who ‘Al’ was, someone else has generously decided to take my total to the £2000 mark… but anonymously.  Three donations, from ‘First crack’, ‘Second crack for first crack’ and ‘Third crack for first crack’. I have my suspicions as to who this may be,but it certainly adds an element of fun to this process!

And the best way to finish this random blog post? A link to my fundraising page – feel free to leave a pseudonym rather than your real name, although try and leave a hint as to who you are so I can thank you directly!

Its the final countdown!

One week today I’d have finished my first day of walking.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly freaking out about it. 

But luckily I have enough going on this week with work, theatre tickets and final preparations to keep me occupied until the weekend at least.

Now is a good time to remind you that I’m not just doing this for fun, its for an amazing cause. So if you can please sponsor me if you haven’t already at

I may be close to my minimum target but don’t let that stop you, the more we raise the more Emma and the charity can achieve.