Day four

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s the longest day of the entire walk.  I walked just under 20 miles today and I’m quite tired, thankfully I still have 2 months to go.  Calories burned through training  in the last 7 days is today 4500 (previously it was around 4000) so I’m making progress. 🙂

This link will take you to the map of Day 4

Three months to go…

All rooms are now booked for my stay so now I just need to finalise the route for the Thursday and Friday, and create some more Google maps so I can share them with everyone. (Oh and then do the walk)

But I do have a pretty good idea of how my week is going to shape up:

Monday 1st July

  • Walk from Canterbury to the Aldington area.
  • Distance covered: 42km
  • Total distance so far: 42km
  • Accommodation: Hogben Farm (

Tuesday 2nd July

  • Walk from Aldington area to Battle.
  • Have dinner with Mum to keep up morale
  • Distance covered: 52km
  • Total distance so far: 94m
  • Accommodation: The George Hotel (

Wednesday 3rd July

Thursday 4th July

  • Walk from Rodmell to Pulborough
  • Distance covered: 50km (est.)
  • Total distance so far: 196m (est.)
  • Accommodation: Harkaway (

Friday 5th July

  • Walk from Pulborough to Emsworth
  • Meet Libby and Rob at Arundel or Ford for the day’s trek
  • Distance covered: 45km (est.)
  • Total distance so far: 241m (est.)
  • Accommodation: The Jingles (

Saturday 6th July

  • Walk from Emsworth to Portsmouth
  • Distance covered: 18km (est.)
  • Total distance so far: 259m (est.)
  • Get the ferry to Ryde
  • Meet up with Alex, Cara, Ally, Loz, Gemma and Catherine for the last leg
  • Walk from Ryde to Cowes
  • Distance covered: 19km
  • Total distance so far: 278m (est.)

Then I shall celebrate by eating lots and having a few drinks too!

Day three

I wasnt very well yesterday so I created my day 3 route. I need to adjust the route for days 5& 6 as I think I’m going to walk along the coast a bit.≪=50.888308,0.079651&spn=0.363854,0.822601&t=m&z=10&vpsrc=6

I’m staying at No 1 Rodmell House, and the lovely lady who runs it has offered me dinner when I get there to save me spending more money at the pub, which I am very grateful for.

Anyway tonight is Walk Home Wednesday. I also managed to drag myself to Battersea on Sat for an 8am 10mile race I’m quite pleased with how the training is going. Just need to shift this sore throat and cold properly! I really don’t have time to be ill!

Day 1

Just a short post for now – I’ve saved my route on Day 1 in google maps – you can find it below

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Ros Martin – as my first stop will be staying at the Hogben Farm B&B. She’s very kindly charging me a reduced rate for my walk as it’s for charity, which is very geneous and much appreciated!

Day 2 to follow shortly

New Route here!

New route picture is done. Took me ages – had to use satellite view as a lot of the route is trails and public paths, not roads.

Anyway, if you’re interested you can see the route in more detail here:

I’m going to re-examine my stopping points, especially as the route is slightly longer than I first thought. The ferry ride is 8.5km of the total, so its just over 260km.

Route planned!

Thanks to my recent purchase of the previously mentioned map measurer, I’ve spent this afternoon finally plotting out my exact route. I’m walking along the South Downs, Monarch and Royal Milary Canal Trails to name but a few.

So my plan is:

  1. Canterbury to Rye (about 35miles / 56km)
  2. Rye to Rodmell (about 37 miles / 60 km)
  3. Rodmell to Bury (about 32 miles / 50 km)
  4. Bury to Portsmouth (about 35miles / 55 km)
  5. Portsmouth to Fishbourne by ferry, then on to Cowes via Newport (9.6 miles / 15 km)

The total is just under 240km or 150 miles. Rodmell is very close to Southease station, and Bury is close to Amberley station (and I suspect that there may be rail links to Portsmouth!) which should any of you kind folks still wish to join me should make it easier.

I’m avoiding the main towns as far as possible (such as Brighton) as I think the countryside will be a much nicer walk.

Next steps: compile a shopping list and start contacting local B&Bs at the stops above.

I’ve also now set up a fundraising page:

A little bit of progress…

So, I’ve not been very well for the past week. And whilst I’ve been stuck at home I decided to start working out my route on the Ordnance survey maps, so I could plan my stops. Except the only way I could think of to calculate how far exactly I’d be going was to use lots of blu-tak and string to trace the route, then measure the string to determine the distance. It took ages just to decide on the first stop (somewhere near Hamstreet along the Royal Military Canal). I got no further as it occurred to me that there must be an easier way to do this?

Oh and I am planning now on doing this so I finish on the weekend of the 6th July.  Unless Emma plans her wedding for this weekend.