Day 6: I’m on a boat

I’m on a boat, and
It’s going fast and,
Chris Rabbit Jr’s been travelling on my backpack
My feet are sore, my legs like jelly
Just 8 more miles to go then time to make merry!
(If this confuses you watch


Day 4: And I have (would) walked (walk) 100 (500) miles…

So far, I’ve walked over 164km 100 moles) I’ve also realised my app doesn’t take into account the ‘hillyness’ of the route, whereas the website I used to create my route did. So that 164km would be true if all my route were flat.
Yesterday was anything but. We realised we’d need head torches if we walked all the way to Amberley so at Branning we turned south and headed to Southsea so we could get trains to our respective locations.  On a ‘no hills’ basis we walked 41km. With the hills I think its closer to 45km. (Robbos app is linked to the website I used to create thr roite and at halfway he had over 2km more than me on his tracker).
Its frustrating I haven’t managed to get to 50km but I can assure you the last 4 days have been extremely tough,  both physically and mentally.  I certainly haven’t given up (and won’t) but daylight constraints and the limited range of movement in my right leg are having an effect on what I can do!

Day 3: recap

Sorry for the flood of posts but some didn’t upload yesterday or today.
Chris Rabbit Jr and I certainly enjoyed Nicola’s company today. Again we didn’t wuite mamage the full route but dud a good 25 miles – Em informs me that she and her mum made up the difference on the treadmill.
South downs tomorrow-beautiful scenery but a bit of a hilly challenge.  Hip flexor still not playing ball, so I’m still having to lift my right leg over stiles with my hands.. shouldn’t be too many of them tomorrow hopefully.
Still over halfway now, more company tomorrow too.
Good night for now, as you can imagine Chris Rabbit Jr and I are quite tired!

Day 3

Thank you for all of the texts, fb comments and comments on the blog.
I must admit this is much harder than I expected. It’s pretty annoying when 4 miles of your route is overgrown,  forcing you to walk on the road. I also have a lovely heat rash and I’ve really hurt one if my hip flexors which is ok until I come to a stile!
Nicola is walking with me today and I’m looking forward to the company.