And a week has passed

I’m mostly recovered. Just some residual back aching (though I saw the physio last week and she warned me some aching would be a side effect of the treatment) – the blisters are almost gone and my muscles seem to be complaining a lot less.

I even managed a 3.5 mile jog on Wed night.

Remember you can still sponsor me at!


And it’s all over

Yesterday I walked 18km to Portsmouth, where Libby and Rob surprised me by meeting me at the ferry terminal with a bunch of flowers. The last hour of that walk had been very difficult, my feet were very sore so it was such a lovely thought, and really perked me up. They are now proudly sitting on my dining table.


Then when I arrived at Ryde, to walk the last 8 miles with Alex, Cara, Gemma, Ally and Loz – I had the following awaiting me.


So, after a good 20 miles yesterday, I was done.  In total I walked 238.3 km (148 miles) over 6 days in 52 hours and 15 minutes – an average of 8 hours 40 mins and 39.7 km (24.7 miles) a day.

I have blisters on the back on both heels (sustained in my last 8 miles – which were by far the hardest of the whole trip), some stiff legs, and I think I’m still in disbelief that I actually walked that far.

I know I’ve already said this, but there are many people I want to thank:

  • My fellow walkers, Libby, Rob, Alex, Cara, Ally, Loz, Gemma, Nicola and Robbo.
  • My mother and her friend Chris for picking me up on Tuesday when I was at a low ebb
  • Emma and Colman for putting on a fantastic party last night upon my return (and an extra thanks for Colman for his amazing bacon sandwich this morning)
  • Everyone who sent me messages of support, and who sponsored me.

I’ll update the total amount raised once I’ve totted up the offline sponsorship. Remember you can still sponsor me and support the fantastic work undertaken by Layla’s Trust at

Now I’m going to put my feet back up on the sofa 🙂

1 day to go

Well, it’s the eve of the big walk.  For those of you who wish to track me, I’m going to install Find My Friends app. Apparently it works with non smart phones, so if you have the app and want to track me, then send me a text. Once I’ve got a sim card for my spare phone tomorrow, I’ll reply with the phone number and you can then send a request via text to track my spare phone! But getting back to tomorrow…

Am I nervous? Yes

Am I questioning my ability to get through this? Yes

Am I wondering how I can get out of it? No

There’s no way I could consider backing out now, after the fantastic support I’ve had from everyone. And I don’t just mean donations, I also mean the people who’ve been out walking with me (and even organising training walks for me), those who’ve lent me equipment to save me some money, the people who’ve given me advice, or contacted relatives and friends on my behalf. Those mad individuals who are walking with me.

I will also have the company of Chris Rabbit Jnr – who I’m sure will add his PoV on this blog as we’re travelling.

So in short there’s no way I’m going to let everyone (and myself) after all the hard work that’s gone into this.

Remember you can still sponsor me at:

Confusion (5 days to go)

Unfortunately when people sponsor me on the btmydonate website, I only get the same information as everyone else can see, there’s no added extras for being the page owner.

So there’s some guesswork involved in trying to thank everyone – and having drawn people’s attention to this after asking who ‘Al’ was, someone else has generously decided to take my total to the £2000 mark… but anonymously.  Three donations, from ‘First crack’, ‘Second crack for first crack’ and ‘Third crack for first crack’. I have my suspicions as to who this may be,but it certainly adds an element of fun to this process!

And the best way to finish this random blog post? A link to my fundraising page – feel free to leave a pseudonym rather than your real name, although try and leave a hint as to who you are so I can thank you directly!

Its the final countdown!

One week today I’d have finished my first day of walking.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly freaking out about it. 

But luckily I have enough going on this week with work, theatre tickets and final preparations to keep me occupied until the weekend at least.

Now is a good time to remind you that I’m not just doing this for fun, its for an amazing cause. So if you can please sponsor me if you haven’t already at

I may be close to my minimum target but don’t let that stop you, the more we raise the more Emma and the charity can achieve.

11 days to go

I’ve been a bit quiet – which is unusual, but there’s a good reason for this.
After my practice week, I got home on Friday night and slipped on the top step of our wooden staircase. I then proceeded to travel to the bottom of the stair by bumping my behind on each step at some speed. Luckily I didn’t do myself a lot of damage but I did jolt my back and had a few sore muscles along the mid section of my spine. Therefore I had to take last week pretty easy as I didn’t want to risk doing any really damage.

This week however it’s all go before my (scheduled) rest week. I have two long walks planned for this weekend, and then begins the process of packing, deciding what I need to give to who to bring along at certain points of the route, and ensure I’ve got everything I need.

I must admit, I’m starting to get quite overwhelmed.

I’ll be fine until Monday when I won’t have the distraction of training, so if you see me next week and I look a bit overwrought, please just pat me on the back and tell me it’ll be fine. And possibly give me chocolate. 🙂

Any last words of wisdom very much appreciated (except for anything along the lines of ‘Don’t do it’ or ‘Have you heard of the wheel?’)

The week in figures

19 hours and 47 minutes spent walking (training walks only) over 5 days.
Over 77 miles (123.6km) walked
One blister
Multiple pulled muscles
9 commutes completed by foot
Over 6500 calories burnt.
Average speed: 3.9 mph (6.3 km/h)
Slowest walk: 3.6 mph (5.7 km/h)
Fastest walk: 4.0 mph (6.5 km/h)

Number of times I was tempted to jump on public transport or even hail a taxi – multiple!

Taking the plunge

I’m on a practice week. Basically I’m walking to and from work every day this week. It’s for both physical and mental training.

Today was day 3 of the practice week. I’ve walked just over 82.6km so far (that’s about 51 miles) and was feeling pretty stiff by the time I got home. Well to be honest, my legs have been stiff all day. 

So on top a nice stretch outside the takeaway whilst waiting for my dinner, I had an ice bath this evening-not pleasant but I managed 10 minutes. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and day 4.

N.B. I may have to enquire which of the b&bs that I’ve booked have baths.

Technical assistance sought

I need techy help.  Two things- should I get a spare battery (but how so I charge two batteries at once?) or one of thos portable chargers for my phone for the walk (and if so which one?)

Secondly I need a way people can track my progress whilst I’m walking that doesn’t use up all my battery. ..

Ideas welcome!

In other news I started my practice walk today.  Walking to and from work every day this week.  Its as much mental preparation.
Seeing as I’m going to spend over 20hrs traipsing along this week I have plenty of time to think, email and make the odd phone call. This morning I’ve already spoke to a lovely man at Radio Solent who’s told me my walk is in the the diary and that they’ll try and cover it on Julian Clegg’s morning show.  Fingers crossed!

42 days

[edited – it seems I lost a week. Thank goodness I didn’t miscount the other way!]

Sounds longer than 6 weeks. Which is how long it is until I start my walk. I’m starting to worry – my feet were quite sore after a mere 20 miles yesterday, although after a brief stretch and a 30min bus ride they were okay to walk on again.

This week my training plan goes out of the window as I’m off to the Isle of Wight on Wednesday to help my best friend (status pending review after a recent episode concerning 25 fleece blankets) before her wedding. Incidentally she’s also the founder of Layla’s Trust. I’m going to take some gym kit with me just in case but I’m not expecting to get much use out of it.

And I still haven’t reached my (minimum) fundraising target. I know my workplace will match some of the donations but I’d like to at least reach, if not exceed, the target before taking that into account. 

I’ve tried contacting some local newspapers and Radio Solent but I’ve ony heard from the Wandsworth Guardian so far.  Maybe I should try to start a twitter trend #liannerambleson ??