1 day to go

Well, it’s the eve of the big walk.  For those of you who wish to track me, I’m going to install Find My Friends app. Apparently it works with non smart phones, so if you have the app and want to track me, then send me a text. Once I’ve got a sim card for my spare phone tomorrow, I’ll reply with the phone number and you can then send a request via text to track my spare phone! But getting back to tomorrow…

Am I nervous? Yes

Am I questioning my ability to get through this? Yes

Am I wondering how I can get out of it? No

There’s no way I could consider backing out now, after the fantastic support I’ve had from everyone. And I don’t just mean donations, I also mean the people who’ve been out walking with me (and even organising training walks for me), those who’ve lent me equipment to save me some money, the people who’ve given me advice, or contacted relatives and friends on my behalf. Those mad individuals who are walking with me.

I will also have the company of Chris Rabbit Jnr – who I’m sure will add his PoV on this blog as we’re travelling.

So in short there’s no way I’m going to let everyone (and myself) after all the hard work that’s gone into this.

Remember you can still sponsor me at: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/liannerambleson


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