Confusion (5 days to go)

Unfortunately when people sponsor me on the btmydonate website, I only get the same information as everyone else can see, there’s no added extras for being the page owner.

So there’s some guesswork involved in trying to thank everyone – and having drawn people’s attention to this after asking who ‘Al’ was, someone else has generously decided to take my total to the £2000 mark… but anonymously.  Three donations, from ‘First crack’, ‘Second crack for first crack’ and ‘Third crack for first crack’. I have my suspicions as to who this may be,but it certainly adds an element of fun to this process!

And the best way to finish this random blog post? A link to my fundraising page – feel free to leave a pseudonym rather than your real name, although try and leave a hint as to who you are so I can thank you directly!


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