11 days to go

I’ve been a bit quiet – which is unusual, but there’s a good reason for this.
After my practice week, I got home on Friday night and slipped on the top step of our wooden staircase. I then proceeded to travel to the bottom of the stair by bumping my behind on each step at some speed. Luckily I didn’t do myself a lot of damage but I did jolt my back and had a few sore muscles along the mid section of my spine. Therefore I had to take last week pretty easy as I didn’t want to risk doing any really damage.

This week however it’s all go before my (scheduled) rest week. I have two long walks planned for this weekend, and then begins the process of packing, deciding what I need to give to who to bring along at certain points of the route, and ensure I’ve got everything I need.

I must admit, I’m starting to get quite overwhelmed.

I’ll be fine until Monday when I won’t have the distraction of training, so if you see me next week and I look a bit overwrought, please just pat me on the back and tell me it’ll be fine. And possibly give me chocolate. 🙂

Any last words of wisdom very much appreciated (except for anything along the lines of ‘Don’t do it’ or ‘Have you heard of the wheel?’)


One thought on “11 days to go

  1. You are going to be fine… make sure your feet have well worn in your shoes… eat loads of chocolate as this is your one and only opportunity to not feel guilty about eating copious amounts of the stuff and finally… and most importantly… never lose sight of why you are doing it and keep that in your mind when you want to give up xxx

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