42 days

[edited – it seems I lost a week. Thank goodness I didn’t miscount the other way!]

Sounds longer than 6 weeks. Which is how long it is until I start my walk. I’m starting to worry – my feet were quite sore after a mere 20 miles yesterday, although after a brief stretch and a 30min bus ride they were okay to walk on again.

This week my training plan goes out of the window as I’m off to the Isle of Wight on Wednesday to help my best friend (status pending review after a recent episode concerning 25 fleece blankets) before her wedding. Incidentally she’s also the founder of Layla’s Trust. I’m going to take some gym kit with me just in case but I’m not expecting to get much use out of it.

And I still haven’t reached my (minimum) fundraising target. I know my workplace will match some of the donations but I’d like to at least reach, if not exceed, the target before taking that into account. 

I’ve tried contacting some local newspapers and Radio Solent but I’ve ony heard from the Wandsworth Guardian so far.  Maybe I should try to start a twitter trend #liannerambleson ??


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