Wish list -Updated 3rd June

I’m starting to make a list of things I still need, please let me know if you think I’ve missed anything off!

1. More hiking socks (2 pairs just won’t be enough) – bought!
2. Walking poles (borrowed – thanks Derek!)
3. Backpack – bought!
4. Anti – chafing / deodorant stick
5. Spare battery for my S3 – kindly lent a device to charge my phone on the move by Nicola
6. Sunglasses – bought!
7. 2litre camelbak or something like that – ended up buying a larger, 3l bladder as it was only a tenner.
8. Lots of audio books!
9. Compeed
10. More plasters
11. Foot roller / massage – tennis ball bought!
12. Shewee (added) – thanks Alex (weirdest and funniest present I think I’ve ever received)
13. Waterproof overtrousers (added) – bought!
14. A new, ultra lightweight, waterproof jacket – see post entitled “Pretty Poor Planning Prevents Pleasant Promenade (clean version)” – bought!

I will edit this post as I think of more things and as I purchase the above!
Also purchased – small microfibre towel to mop my brow as I walk, more shorts and t-shirts


5 thoughts on “Wish list -Updated 3rd June

  1. When I walked my marathons I slathered my feet in vaseline before putting on my socks, so my feet slid a bit and I didn’t get blisters! Worth a punt?

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