Three months to go…

All rooms are now booked for my stay so now I just need to finalise the route for the Thursday and Friday, and create some more Google maps so I can share them with everyone. (Oh and then do the walk)

But I do have a pretty good idea of how my week is going to shape up:

Monday 1st July

  • Walk from Canterbury to the Aldington area.
  • Distance covered: 42km
  • Total distance so far: 42km
  • Accommodation: Hogben Farm (

Tuesday 2nd July

  • Walk from Aldington area to Battle.
  • Have dinner with Mum to keep up morale
  • Distance covered: 52km
  • Total distance so far: 94m
  • Accommodation: The George Hotel (

Wednesday 3rd July

Thursday 4th July

  • Walk from Rodmell to Pulborough
  • Distance covered: 50km (est.)
  • Total distance so far: 196m (est.)
  • Accommodation: Harkaway (

Friday 5th July

  • Walk from Pulborough to Emsworth
  • Meet Libby and Rob at Arundel or Ford for the day’s trek
  • Distance covered: 45km (est.)
  • Total distance so far: 241m (est.)
  • Accommodation: The Jingles (

Saturday 6th July

  • Walk from Emsworth to Portsmouth
  • Distance covered: 18km (est.)
  • Total distance so far: 259m (est.)
  • Get the ferry to Ryde
  • Meet up with Alex, Cara, Ally, Loz, Gemma and Catherine for the last leg
  • Walk from Ryde to Cowes
  • Distance covered: 19km
  • Total distance so far: 278m (est.)

Then I shall celebrate by eating lots and having a few drinks too!


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