To walk or not to walk…

I’ve realised that I’m regressing back to my university days. Not in the drinking / partying sense but in the sense that to fit in my schedule of work (a must unfortunately), exercise and socialising I’m squeezing things such as sleep and mundane chores (such as washing, and cooking dinner) into ever shorter time periods. 

 There are two long walks in June that I’m considering signing up for: 

  1. ‘The Mendip Challenge’ ( – up to 30 miles on Sun 2nd June. The problem is I’d need to get to the start by 6.30am and its past Bristol.  
  2. ‘The General Marching’ ( on Sat 22nd June, 7.30am in Winchester, again 30 miles but you can also walk it with a 30 or 50 pound pack, but it’s only 2 weeks before I start my walk. 

 Tonight is “Walk-Home Wednesday”.  I like “Walk Home” days, as they don’t stop me from having a glass of wine in the pub beforehand. Had I tried the same before my spinning class last night then I may have fallen off the bike – and I’ve still got the scar from last time (I’d like to point out that it was NOT alcohol related).

 Exercise for this week is as follows: spinning last night, walking home tonight and tomorrow I may run to work. Then I’m off to a wedding on Friday, but I’m still going to fit in a 13mile walk on Sunday. (side note:  I also have some boxing exercise classes which I won in a raffle which I’ve been meaning to use for ages but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to squeeze them in!) 

 As for Sunday I’m not sure if we’ll see any gorillas for Lawrence, but the temperature has dropped again so it’ll definitely be chilly. And a good pub lunch will be in order. There should be 7 of us this time so I’m quite excited, my steadfastly loyal walking companions Ally and Lawrence will be joined by Emma, Jake, Cara and Alex. 

 Hopefully I’ll also have a chance to finalise days 4 and 5 of my route as well this weekend!


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