But I would walk 500 miles…

Well not quite.

But I did walk home Friday (8.9miles) and from Grove Park all the way home again on Sunday(13.5miles).  I also watched the rugby at Twickenham on Sat so as you can imagine, with all that fresh air I’m pretty tired today. Great week to give up caffeine, eh?

130224 Capital ring sections 3 & 4
(click on the picture to see the route in more detail)

I also wore my new hiking boots yesterday and now I have very sore ankles. They feel bruised and I still have a lovely red patch on each ankle . 😦 I’m really hoping this is just because I’m not used to wearing the boots…

Ally and Loz were again my (willing?) companions on Sunday’s excursion, and Ally has kindly sent me some of the pictures to share with you.

Crystal Palace walk - 4<

Crystal Palace walk - 3

Crystal Palace walk - 11

Note that although we are posing with alternative methods of transport (train, gorilla, dinosaur..) we did indeed walk the entire way, despite the snow, hail and the lack of sunday roasts where we stopped for lunch.



One thought on “But I would walk 500 miles…

  1. Can we bring the gorilla on our next walk? I’d like to see the venerable denizons of Highgate react to our our famous five of you, loz, me, Emma and Timmy the gorrilla.

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