Thunderbirds are go

Well, on the second attempt. I just lost a whole post I’d written 😦

But more importantly I’ve just booked time off work to do the walk.

No more rearranging the dates in my head to fit my social calendar. No more denial about the length of time to prepare. It’s happening. First week of July

It’s really hit home now. I’m actually walking 150 miles [Insert expletive here]

I did another walk on Wednesday. It was rather cold and windy so after 7 miles we jumped on the tube (my excuse is the AJ was sans gloves…). However he did also tell me about an app that means people can see where I am in real-time when I’m on my walk. (May be helpful if I fail to arrive in Cowes.)

So once I’ve reexamined my route after Claude’s suggestions (although the plan is to still stick to 5 days) I can start booking B&Bs.

Once last thing, please, please, PLEASE send this onto your friends. I really want to have as many people as possible that I can shamelessly beg to sponsor me. And more importantly, make people aware of Layla’s Trust and all the charity is trying to achieve.

So – go forth and share on Facebook 🙂


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