Route planned!

Thanks to my recent purchase of the previously mentioned map measurer, I’ve spent this afternoon finally plotting out my exact route. I’m walking along the South Downs, Monarch and Royal Milary Canal Trails to name but a few.

So my plan is:

  1. Canterbury to Rye (about 35miles / 56km)
  2. Rye to Rodmell (about 37 miles / 60 km)
  3. Rodmell to Bury (about 32 miles / 50 km)
  4. Bury to Portsmouth (about 35miles / 55 km)
  5. Portsmouth to Fishbourne by ferry, then on to Cowes via Newport (9.6 miles / 15 km)

The total is just under 240km or 150 miles. Rodmell is very close to Southease station, and Bury is close to Amberley station (and I suspect that there may be rail links to Portsmouth!) which should any of you kind folks still wish to join me should make it easier.

I’m avoiding the main towns as far as possible (such as Brighton) as I think the countryside will be a much nicer walk.

Next steps: compile a shopping list and start contacting local B&Bs at the stops above.

I’ve also now set up a fundraising page:


2 thoughts on “Route planned!

  1. Hi Lianne,

    Hope you’re well and you had a good Christmas/New Year. Just checked back to see how your planning’s getting on and see if I could offer any more advice.

    I thought I’d just warn you that it looks like a pretty punishing schedule to me, assuming each stage is one day. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but over 30 miles in a day is very tough. For reference, the west highland way (100 miles) took us 4 days continuous walking (dawn to dusk in autumn) and I don’t think we did more than about 26/27 miles on any given day. That was two or three days faster than the guide books recommend. If I were you, I’d consider putting in at least one more stop to try and get the distances down a bit, particularly for the earlier stages – you’ll pick up fitness as you go along, but if you destroy yourself on day one the rest of the trip could be pretty miserable.


    • Thanks Claude, again very useful advice which is much appreciated!

      The aim is to make it difficult (hopefully I can raise more that way!) but I’ll certainly take your advice under consideration and have another look at the route. I can certainly try and spread out the route more evenly over the 5 days at least, as the alst day at the moment iss just the ferry and the Isle of Wight. The complication is that on some parts of the route there are limited places to stay and they’re not very accessible by public transport (which means it’s harder for people to join me).

      I am about to draw up a training plan, and at some point will start walking to and from work everyday – which will be about 16 miles a day and will necessitate some pretty early starts!

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