Advice needed

Firstly I’d like to thank you all for reading this, and for the messages I’ve received. I haven’t set a date yet – that’s the next thing to do, although I need to work out when I’m likely to be at weddings (especially the one I’m Maid of Honour at!). I was thinking late June / early July so there’s a chance of nicer weather.

Its start to sink in this weekend quite how hard this will be. I hadn’t really considered the fact that I’m going to need to carry lots of food, clothing, etc.. and so my runners backpack with its 18litre capacity just won’t cut it.

Also I’m struggling to find much advice on training for this as it all seems to be geared to people attempting 10mile a day or ultra marathon runners – and there’s no way I’ll be running this!  I/m now starting to wish my school had offered the Duke of Edinburgh (not that I’d ave been likely to do it anyway)

So this is a cry for help –  what are the main things I need to think about and prepare / train for? 

Email responses are of course welcome but it’d be great if you could reply to this post so we can share the collective wisdom!


2 thoughts on “Advice needed

  1. Hi Lianne,

    Hope you’re well. I walked the West Highland Way (150km) a few years ago, so though you’d be interested in a couple of things I learned from that.

    Firstly, when you’re planning your route, try and avoid long stretches on tarmac. After a while the pounding starts to give you ‘road burn’ in your feet, which is very unpleasant.

    Secondly, make sure to plan re-supply stops. Unless you’re wanting to be super hardcore and carry all your supplies the whole way, you want to keep the weight of your pack low. Beg/borrowing/stealing or buying a decent pack is also worthwhile. If it’s well designed, the weight doesn’t feel as bad.

    Try and keep eating as you go along – on these long distance walks I often find I get very despondent and then realise I’ve not eaten for a long time. Jelly babies and the like are pretty good for keeping up blood sugar, as is chocolate. Same story with water – you have to make a conscious effort to stay hydrated, and it makes a big difference.

    In terms of training, I’d say that one of the main things to do is toughen up your feet before you start. When I was preparing for the WHW, for the week before I’d go out and try and walk 8 miles in the evening after work. and also get a couple of longer days in at the weekend. It’s important to do this in your walking boots and with a pack if possible. The first few times, you’ll get blisters and sore feet, but they will toughen up. Those Compeed blister plasters are very good if you do get blisters.

    Think that’s all I’ve got for now,


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